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Outcome-Focused Behavioral Therapy

Robinson Center for Learning will provide 30+ hours per week of 1:1 instruction to children diagnosed with autism and related developmental differences. Every child will have a highly individualized program that specifically addresses their skill excesses and deficits.

In New Jersey, one in 34 children has an autism spectrum disorder, which includes one in every 22 boys. The most effective, empirically proven treatment is Applied Behavior Analysis, specifically EIBI (Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention). Research on EIBI shows that approximately 47% of children who receive early intensive behavioral intervention may achieve typical intellectual functioning (Lovaas, 1987; McEachin, Smith & Lovaas, 1993; Sallows & Graupner, 2005).

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While our focus will be on providing intensive 1:1 treatment to the children at the center to teach them to speak/communicate, play, engage and develop their self-care skills, we will also be providing their parents with the support, understanding, feedback and strategies that they require to develop meaningful relationships with their children.

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